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Sponsored Benefits Program


Please give our sponsored benefits providers an opportunity to win your business.


Discount Office Supplies


DRMA and Office Depot have teamed up to bring members discount prices (up to 55% off!) on office supplies in-store or online.  

  • One-stop shopping online OR in-store for all of your office essentials including furniture, technology, cleaning items, breakroom and copy/print services!
  • 15-40% off the regular price on a core list of over 300 products
  • 15-40% off the regular price on over 500 cleaning and breakroom products
  • Special pricing on copy/printing services
  • A store purchasing card so you can shop at ANY store!
  • Fast and FREE delivery on any order over $50!
  • Monthly specials on popular items AND $15 off any $75 coupons

Getting started is quick and easy, contact Amanda at for more information.  Check out this month's current specials here!  

Property and Casualty Insurance Providers for Manufacturers
Selecting the appropriate insurance for your business is essential to protect against unexpected events.  Cincinnati Insurance Company’s Manufacturers’ Program was designed specifically for manufacturers.  Our program offers many industry specific coverage enhancements such as valuing finished stock at the selling price in the event of a covered loss, providing coverage for loss of income due to a disruption in utility services, and manufacturers errors and omissions just to name a few.  Cincinnati Insurance provides a high financial strength rating, a management team specifically dedicated to keeping your program on the leading edge and superior claims service provided by representatives who live in or near your community.  Logon to to find an agent representing The Cincinnati Insurance Companies near you.   



The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association looks for solutions to member needs through value-added benefits. Known as DRMA Sponsored Benefits Programs, they offer value to members and non-dues revenue to the Association.


Are you interested in becoming a Sponsored Benefits Program provider? Here's how it works.

Start by sending us a short email describing the product or service you have in mind. If the committee overseeing the program determines your offering has wide-spread appeal to DRMA regular members, you'll submit a proposal and we'll solicit competing proposals from members and possibly non-members. Proposals will be reviewed and finalists will be selected. Finalists will be invited to present their offering to the committee in person, after which the vendor will be selected. To encourage companies to originate ideas for value-added benefits, "idea originators” automatically qualify as finalists.

Key selection criteria include revenue and profitability potential, service delivery capabilities, and the integrity of the program – whether it reflects the professionalism and dignity of DRMA. Essential to any program is that its components comprise a unique offering.

A contract covering the relationship is required, and formal reviews of the program will take place. The Association may solicit proposals from other vendors at the termination of the contract.

  • You must be or become a member of DRMA if you are selected as the DRMA Sponsored Benefits Program partner.
  • Your offering must provide direct and/or indirect benefit to members (direct = discount to members not readily available to the general public; indirect = service/product is competitive and you provide non-dues revenue to the Association which helps us keep dues at a minimum).
  • Your offering must provide revenue to DRMA, including a $1,000 annual fee.
  • You will need to promote your service/product through DRMA channels at standard advertising fees.
  • DRMA staff will provide little, if any, assistance to administer your offering.
  • We will seek competing proposals from members and possibly non-members.
  • A committee will review proposals received and narrow down the list to several finalists who will be invited to meet with the committee to present the service/product offering. If you are the "idea originator,” you are automatically a finalist.
  • The DRMA Sponsored Benefits Program will be covered by a contract and will include an annual review to make sure the program is living up to its intent. Members may be surveyed to help determine the program's value.  


Send an email to Kelly at with a two-paragraph description of your product/service offering.