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I've Been Thinking . . . 2/14/19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Friday, February 15, 2019

DRMA’s recent Top Issues Survey (click here for the results) confirms again what we have known for some time:  The #1 concern facing virtually all manufacturing members is the lack of a qualified workforce.  That’s why DRMA drives and supports numerous initiatives to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing in order to attract more workers to the pipeline.  Read more about these initiatives in the Member Benefit Spotlight article in this newsletter.

One of those initiatives is organizing national MFG Day locally.  MFG DAY 2019 is on October 4, but NOW is the time to start thinking about hosting an open house.  Why so early?  Many schools plan their fall field trips during the spring.  Watch this short video to see the impact that MFG Day made on students’ views about careers in manufacturing.  Contact Kayla to learn more about participating.

Another of those initiatives is summer camps . . . we introduce kids to manufacturing with a few hands-on activities and videos.  I need 2 people to help with this project this year.  If you like working with kids, this is the place for you to plug in.  Let me know.

And another one:  We’re having great success in raising the awareness of the great careers our region’s manufacturing industry offers with our Power Lunches and career day activities!  Do you have a passion for growing your workforce pipeline and talking with young people?  Please volunteer a couple hours of your time and expertise during a Power Lunch and speak with students one on one about why you love working in manufacturing.  Talking points will be provided to you.  This requires a minimum commitment from you while providing you with the opportunity to impact your future workforce!  Contact me for more information.

We’re closing out our membership renewals!  Volunteers and staff work hard to ensure your membership in DRMA is valuable to you.  From growing the workforce pipeline, to advocacy, to business and economic development, to peer-to-peer connectivity, DRMA’s brand promise is to Strengthen, Advocate, and Educate.  Be part of the voice in 2019!  And if there is something else you would like us to do, please let me know.

DRMA wants to help you retain your emerging talent.  That is why our Young Professionals Committee has collaborated with the University of Dayton’s Center for Leadership to offer a series of workshops to give your staff the opportunity to connect as well as earn a DRMA professional development certificate!  Course descriptions and registration form can be found here.  To register your employees, please return the registration form and payment information to KaylaAct now! The first course is on Tuesday, March 5!

Looking for more work?  Or, looking for a supplier?  Don’t forget to use the DRMA Business Lead Email service to get work or to find a supplier.  Email Shay and she’ll explain the process.

We have a couple of opportunities for you to connect with the DRMA community at DRMA Happy Hours, casual and fun events where you’ll get to know other members.  We’ll introduce you around, so don’t be shy!

·         February 28 at The Greentree Group/Back to Business IT in Beavercreek, register here.

·         March 21 at Waibel Energy Systems in Vandalia, register here.


Hey, thanks for choosing to be a member!  I REALLY appreciate it!

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Prepare or React?

Posted By Don Clouser, Chairman of the Board, Friday, February 15, 2019

Recently, President Trump gave the 2019 State of the Union address.  In it he shared powerful economic stats for the past two years of his presidency.  Some of them include (and I paraphrase):

5.3 million new jobs
600,000 new manufacturing jobs
5 million Americans off food stamps
The economy is growing twice as fast as 2016
Unemployment is the lowest it has been in a half century
I found that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 9,000 points or 53% from just two years ago.

Have you experienced a change?  Are times better for you now than they were?  Did you cause that?  And if not, what are you doing about it?

We work hard at our daily lives and in our businesses.  There are opportunities to quote, materials to buy, schedules to manage, equipment to maintain.  When times are good, we hire and invest.  And when times are tough, we lay off and cut costs.  While this is understandable, the question is how much is done in preparation and how much is done in reaction?

How many times do you find yourself lagging in the business?  You get the business before you have enough people or equipment.  You lose money before you make adjustments to your costs.  You ride the waves of prosperity as well as the crashes between them without knowing which you are riding before it is too late.  Many of us have spent time at Aileron, and I am sure you have learned that more companies fail on the upswing than on the downswing.  We assume our current situation will last, and we make our plans for that situation only.

I challenge all of us to control our own destinies.  While this may sound contradictory, it is easy to work hard.  But it is hard to work smart.  Are you preparing your business for what is coming?  Do you know what is coming?  Have you done as much analysis on what the next couple of years look like economically for you as you did to decide if you should buy that new piece of equipment or not?  Have you made the effort to do the proper planning for your business?  Or have you been surprised each day and react to your current set of circumstances?

Another resource that our DRMA provides us in this regard is the opportunity to hear Brian Beaulieu.  Brian is an economist from ITR Economics.  DRMA has him in each year to present ITR’s economic forecast for our industry and our area.  He helps us “look into the future” so that we are preparing rather than reacting.  Many of your colleagues have developed plans based on ITR’s forecasts.  I encourage you to come and listen.  Bring your team so that you have a balanced understanding, make a balanced business plan, and control your own destiny.  Register now and I will see you there on April 11.


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Presenting Your 2019 DRMA Board of Trustees

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Association is led by a strong group of individuals who cares about manufacturing and who cares about DRMA.  Your 2018 Board of Trustees and officers are:

Don Clouser, The Champion Companies, Springfield, Chairman

 Jon Foley, Rack Global Enterprises, Dayton, First Vice Chairman

John Bertsch, Detailed Machining, Sidney, Second Vice Chairman

Jim Zahora, GEMCITY Engineering, Dayton, Past Chairman

Patty Breig, National Oilwell Varco, Dayton

Dave Burrows, Goodwill Easter Seals, Dayton

Mitch Heaton, Dayton Development Coalition, Dayton

Scott MacDonald, University of Dayton, Dayton

Ben Staub, BasTech, Dayton

Brian Ault, Bruns General Contracting, Tipp City

Michele Mischler, MCM Sales Associates, Cincinnati (Affiliate)

John Masheck, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett, Dayton (Associate)

2019 Chairman, Don Clouser

Don Clouser is the vice president and general manager of Champion GSE in Springfield, Ohio. As a member of The Champion Companies family of businesses, Champion GSE designs and manufactures ground support equipment for the aerospace, military and power-generation markets. It specializes in hermetically-sealed shipping and storage containers for customer assets as well as transportation stands for large jet engines.

Don began his career at his father’s machine shop, Metwood Industries, after graduating from Miami University. In the beginning, he learned to program and operate CNC equipment. This started his love for manufacturing and respect of value created from people who marry their skills with material. Don has developed a passion for continuous improvement as well as cultural implementation of professional management.

Don has served on a variety of boards and committees to support his industry and community. But it is his long standing relationship with DRMA of which he is very proud. Since 1998, Don has served the Association in a variety of ways, always recognizing how much more he has benefitted than has given. This continues with the privilege of serving on DRMA’s Board of Trustees and as its chairman for 2019.

Don calls Troy home where he has enjoyed 25 years of marriage with his wife Angie and their three children.

New Board Members

Brian Ault is vice president of sales for Bruns General Contracting, a third-generation general contractor that offers design/build and general contracting services to commercial and industrial customers.  Prior to joining Bruns, Brian spent over 20 years in the automobile service, body shop, and dealership industry, including owning his own dealership.  He attended the University Of South Carolina Moore College Of Business.  Brian is active on several economic development committees and with the Miami County Republican Central Committee.  Brian has been involved with the DRMA since he started with Bruns in 2009, serving as chairperson of the Member Services Committee and on the Board of Trustees from 2013 through 2015.  He currently serves on the Golf Committee and as co-chair of the Funding Committee.

Brian will fill a regular seat on the Board, focusing on the DRMA Foundation fundraising campaign.

John Masheck is an audit principal with Clark, Schaefer, Hackett and serves as the commercial services chair for the firm and on the manufacturing and distribution industry group.  Since he began his career in 2004, John has worked with a wide variety of companies from start-ups to million-dollar family-owned businesses.  John comes from a family with a long line of business owners and enjoys bringing a strategic focus to his clients to assist them with growth and transition planning.  John also serves as the treasurer for the Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty.  CSH has been a DRMA member for many years.

John will fill the financial seat on the Board and will be the Board liaison to the Finance Committee.

Michele Mischler is the owner of MCM Sales Associates and partners with ThomasNet and other “best in class” solutions providers to help clients implement effective sales and marketing strategies.  Michele began her career providing advertising production and brand strategy consulting to global B2C marketers.  She transitioned that experience to the industrial world when she began representing ThomasNet over 20 years ago.  Michele joined DRMA in 2009, served on the Member Services Committee, and served on the Board of Trustees from 2015 through 2017.

Michele will fill the associate seat on the Board, focusing on member services, member engagement, and member recruitment.

Welcome 2019 Board of Trustees!

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I've Been Thinking . . . 1-8-19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Members expect advocacy from a trade association and it’s part of DRMA’s brand promise.  DRMA advocates for members’ issues on many fronts, with public officials, legislators, educators, parents, the business community, the media, and many other regional stakeholders.

One way we do this is by conducting an annual survey of our members and producing a list of their top issues.  This list helps us accurately communicate your concerns to the media, elected officials, and other community leaders and gives us direction on the types of programs and services that will help you strengthen your company. Of no surprise, the lack of a skilled workforce tops the list again this year.  See what else is keeping your fellow members awake at night here.

It’s membership renewal time!  Volunteers and staff work hard to ensure your membership in DRMA is valuable to you.  From growing the workforce pipeline, to advocacy, to business and economic development, and peer-to-peer connectivity, DRMA’s brand promise is to Strengthen, Advocate, and Educate.  Be part of the voice in 2019!  And if there is something else you would like us to do, please let me know.

Don’t miss our January evening event on January 17.  Not only will you get to know your 2019 board chairman, Don Clouser, but you’ll also get the inside scoop on UD football from head coach Rick Chamberlin.  And come a little early to meet up with some of the young folks involved in the association.  Let’s show them how much we NEED them in the industry and in DRMA.  Oh, and the cash bar will be open for service!  Register here.

Save money with your DRMA membership: Our Legal Services Plan offers members one FREE legal consultation per month with employment law attorney Bob Dunlevey at Taft/Law. Simply identify yourself as a DRMA member when you call (937) 641-1743.

Help grow your workforce by getting involved in Montgomery County’s YouthWorks program.  Say what?  Come to a one-hour “what the heck does this mean” meeting on either January 29 or February 5.  Lean more in the Growing the Workforce Pipeline section of this newsletter.

Involvement vs. engagement.  DRMA and many other business associations across the country are realizing there is a major difference between the two.  Involvement (yes, we depend on involved volunteers) is not the ONLY way for you to get value from your membership.  In fact, across all associations, only about 25% of members attend their associations’ events.  It’s really all about ENGAGEMENT.  Engagement comes in many forms, from attending events, to participating in our wage and top issues surveys, to reading and responding to business lead emails, to hosting an open house on MFG Day, etc. etc.  We now ask you to get ENGAGED . . . which is truly how you get bang for your DRMA dues buck!

Hey, thanks for choosing to be a member!  I REALLY appreciate it!

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Chairman's Connections - Charge!

Posted By Don Clouser, Chairman of the Board, Wednesday, January 23, 2019


First let me say thank you for having the faith that all of the great things done by DRMA cannot be screwed up in one year. And therefore, thank you for the privilege of being the Association’s chairman for 2019. Actually the board, staff, and volunteers have set us up for our Association and industry to have a great year.

Happy New Year everyone! December involves a lot of time reviewing and reminiscing the previous year. Also many of you spent the last quarter planning and budgeting for this year. Now is the time for action, and 2019 promises to be a year worthy of action. DRMA will continue its many great activities that you read about each month in the newsletter and News Bits emails. But I am most excited about the momentum that we are gaining in workforce development. The number one issue for our industry has been, is, and will be for the near future increasing the skilled workforce. Over the years DRMA has put a lot of effort into school collaborations, Power Lunches, college programs, and of course, Manufacturing Day. Recently, the government has finally started listening and now everyone is scrambling to provide additional solutions. DRMA is taking advantage of this in a few ways.

The Fundraising Committee is pursuing private philanthropic donations to help us fund our current projects, possible new projects or efforts by others that have a positive impact on our industry’s need for skilled workers. In our business worlds we all believe anything can be done if someone is willing to pay for it. So we need the funds to make things happen, and in today’s climate donors are willing to listen. These donors support the economic impact we will have by growing the workforce pipeline. If you would like to help through donations, time or making connections with us and foundations or private donors, please give the office a call.

The other path is through public funds. As mentioned before, we have formed a state-recognized sector partnership. The Dayton Region Manufacturing Workforce Partnership will be the group recognized when there is government funding to be shared. Or if we have an idea that needs funding, the sector partnership will be the one that interacts with the government agencies. If your company would like to get more involved with this effort, please call the office.

Through fundraising and networking, DRMA will either be the provider of workforce efforts or the clearing house for other organizations’ efforts. Whether it is time, money, people or programs, DRMA will connect the dots so that there is an effective effort to solve our workforce needs. Please be a part in whatever way you can. My first article may not be overly thought provoking but as I have explained, the thoughts have been made. The effort is started. The momentum is building. And now is the time for action.


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