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Lean Manufacturing Workshops
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Interested in learning how to implement lean concepts and techniques to make lasting improvements to manufacturing operations? DRMA has rolled out a new Lean Manufacturing Workshop Series, exclusively for DRMA members!

DRMA, in partnership with the Workforce Division of Sinclair College and FASTLANE, will help companies reduce waste and streamline processes in their organizations. Learn how to foster an environment built on the idea that good is never good enough, an environment always focused on continuously improving in small steps every day.  As an added bonus, the first 30 manufacturer members to register for each session will get a discount on the tuition cost AND a free on-site lean assessment, both provided by FASTLANE.

This is a four-part series, the remaining sessions include:

Visual Workplace – Wednesday, August 7 (last day to register 7/31/19)

Understanding and implementing visual management techniques to enable communications and to provide immediate feedback. Participants will learn:

- The basics of visual communication and management
- The concepts of visual production control
- The concepts of visual quality control
- How to successfully implement visual communications and management
- How to select process indicators to drive improvement


Standardized Work/Set-Up Reduction – Wednesday, September 4 (last day to register 8/29/19)

Learn how to produce a product with the minimum material, labor, space and equipment required to add value and how to eliminate non-added value activity. Participants will learn:

- How to develop standard work operations guides
- The concepts of cycle time, takt-time, process capacity and standard work layout & sequencing
- The fundamentals of rapid changeover & SMED
- Internal vs. External changeover operations
- How to successfully implement rapid changeover & SMED


All sessions run from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and will be held at the Sinclair Conference Center.  Participants can attend individual sessions or all four sessions in the series.

The cost of the workshops is $250 per person per session OR $800 per person if registered for all four sessions.  The first 30 manufacturer members to register for each session earn a $100 per person discount (compliments of FASTLANE), making your cost just $150 per person per session or $400 for all four sessions.  The cost includes a free, on-site lean assessment provided by FASTLANE (for Manufacturer members). 

A DRMA certificate will be provided with completion of 3 of the 4 sessions.

Click here to download the registration form. Email Shay with completed registration forms with any questions.