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Legal Services Plan

What is it?
DRMA’s Legal Services Plan offers our members one free legal consultation per month with Bob Dunlevey and his associates with Taft/Law. Get a quick, no-hassle response to legal issues concerning labor, safety, real estate,
and more.

How do I use the Plan?

Simply contact Bob Dunlevey with Taft/Law at (937) 641-1743 and identify yourself as a DRMA member.

Strictly Confidential

The plan has been approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio, and each member’s inquiry is protected by the attorney/client privilege. Your confidential consultation can save you money, time, and effort because Bob Dunlevey and his associates with Taft/Law are well versed in business matters which you confront every day.

What does it cover?

The primary purpose of our plan is to provide each member the opportunity to identify and discuss legal issues which confront your management team on a daily basis and to resolve those issues quickly through convenient access to qualified legal counsel knowing your business. Whether it is a question regarding the terms of an equipment lease, a real estate matter, a government contract dispute, or an OHSA surprise inspection, your answer is just a phone call away.

If your matter is more intricate and requires more time, Bob Dunlevey will discuss with you the needed services and estimate the cost for you.

Many DRMA members use our Legal Services Plan and find it to be a valuable business tool.
Don’t be left out!

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