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2017 Accomplishments

DRMA has made significant progress in upholding our mission to strengthen member companies and to serve as the advocate for manufacturing in the Dayton region.  DRMA is recognized as the trusted voice of the industry to represent members’ needs and concerns so that they may stay focused on their business.  The programs that DRMA provides members have experienced great success over the past year.  These successes include:


  • Growing the Workforce Pipeline – DRMA drives and supports numerous initiatives to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing and in order to attract more workers to the pipeline . . . so that members have less difficulty in finding enough qualified candidates.
  • Organized national MFG Day locally, resulting in over 3,600 students from 60 schools and 10 home school groups attending 43 member open houses to see manufacturing occupations and processes; THE most well-attended in the entire nation.  Every 4th grade student in the Dayton Public School system experienced a hands-on manufacturing activity, led by the Wizards of Wright from WPAFB and the Dayton Metro Public Library.  A display was designed and erected at the Northwest Branch of the Dayton Metro Library along with a presentation to get parents educated on manufacturing careers for their children.

  • Designed a high school display, in collaboration with the Montgomery County Education Service Center, FASTLANE, and the Aerospace Professional Development Center, to capture students’ interest in manufacturing careers; and conducted 13 Power Lunches and 4 career day presentations

  • Extended our outreach to younger children by delivering a manufacturing summer camp with the City of Dayton for the third year

  • Advised and supported the following schools on the development of manufacturing training programs:  Springboro High School, Kettering Fairmont High School, Centerville High School, and the Greene County Career Center

  • Promoted Montgomery County’s YouthWorks program to members to expose young people to careers in manufacturing

  • Participated in the national Dream It. Do It. manufacturing career awareness network to access best-practice resources from organizations across the country

  • Participated in OMA’s workforce sector strategy project to enhance efforts to attract people to careers in manufacturing

  • Launched manufacturing fundamentals training program initiatives based on the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s Certified Production Technician certification to fast-track adults into the workforce pipeline and promoted the value of the credential to members Ohio Means Jobs/Montgomery County, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Stebbins High School and Graduation Alliance

  • Recruited members to serve on advisory committees for manufacturing programs at Stebbins High School, Miami Valley CTC, and Wright State University

  • Provided guidance to the Ohio Department of Education on the development of a manufacturing guidebook

  • Arranged for 2 members to participate in the Montgomery County ESC’s professional development session to teach educators about careers in manufacturing

  • Hosted tours for manufacturing career tech students at AMTS

  • Served on advisory committees for the Montgomery County ESC, Sinclair Community College’s CAM Department, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Upper Valley Career Center, Greene County Career Center, Wright State University School of Engineering, and others to convey the needs of manufacturer members

  • Communicated to members various government workforce funding, training, and hiring opportunities

  • Fostered collaborative relationships to advocate for members’ workforce concerns with multiple organizations and schools, Dayton Regional STEM Collaborative, Montgomery County Workforce Investment Board, Goodwill/Easter Seals Miami Valley and Miami Valley Works, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The Manufacturing Institute, Ohio Robotics/Xtreme Bots, Aerospace Professional Development Center, Associated Builders and Contractors, Graduation Alliance, FASTLANE, WPAFB/Girls in Engineering, Yes! For Youth, Ohio Department of Veterans Services, Life Enrichment Center, Sinclair Community College, Clark State Community College, Wright State University, Cedarville College, Montgomery County Education Services Center/Learn to Earn, Miami Valley CTC, Springfield Clark CTC, Greene County Career Center, Upper Valley Career Center, Stebbins High School, Liberty High School, and many others, both locally and nationally


  • Peer-to-Peer Connectivity – DRMA provides many ways for members to get connected and stay engaged with the thriving DRMA community in order to build a network of peers who face the same challenges, opportunities, and solutions to foster a sense of mutual support among members.
  • Held 4 MFG Mixes, one of them at AMTS

  • Held 4 evening member events

  • Held 3 Breakfast events

  • Held 43 Meet Ups for discussion around specific topics (Workforce/HR, Manufacturing Operations, Additive Manufacturing, Young Professionals, Safety, Government Relations, and MFG Day)

  • Launched and held 8 DRMA 101 sessions to build relationships with and among members

  • Formed a new committee for young professionals at member companies

  • Facilitated the DRMA LinkedIn discussion group

  • Expanded social media outreach to facilitate member-to-member communication


  • Business and Economic Development – DRMA provides programming, industry-pertinent information, and connections to help members strengthen and grow their business. 
  • Conducted a successful AMTS which featured 134 exhibitors and 2,800 attendees, informative technical seminars, and a MFG Mix

  • Published 12 e-newsletters and 36 News Bits emails

  • Sent 11 business leads, some about international business opportunities

  • Conducted the Wage and Benefits Survey in partnership with Manpower

  • Offered a Legal Services Plan, a Workers Comp Group Rating Program, and an OSHA training discount program

  • Commissioned WSU to compile statistics of the manufacturing industry in the Dayton Region and released the results across the region

  • Collaborated with Dayton Defense to bring business opportunities to members from the Defense DepartmentHeld the annual economic update event featuring renowned economist, Brian Beaulieu


  • Advocacy – DRMA advocates with public officials, legislators, educators, parents, the business community, the media, and many other regional stakeholders to advance the interests of our members and the industry. 
  • Conducted a survey and produced a list of members’ top issues

  • Moderated a panel on manufacturing at the Dayton Development Coalition’s Washington DC Community Fly In

  • Wrote multiple letters of support for initiatives that positively impact the region’s manufacturing industry

  • Worked with the media which resulted in 26 positive manufacturing stories throughout the Region

  • Built connections with other organizations

    o   Associated Builders and Contractors

    o   City of Dayton Mayor’s Manufacturing Task Force

    o   Dayton Development Coalition

    o   Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

    o   Dayton Region Military Collaborative

    o   Technology First

    o   Dayton Defense

    o   70/75 Association

    o   City of Springfield

    o   Ohio Aerospace Institute

    o   European American Chamber of Commerce

    o   U.S. Global Leadership Coalition

  • Strengthened government relations

    o   Held Meet Ups with State Representatives Mike Henne and Rick Perales,         State Senator Bill Beagle, Secretary of State Jon Husted, Congressman             Jim Renacci, and Senator Sherrod Brown’s district representative

    o   Hosted a Meet and Greet with Congressman Warren Davidson in                       collaboration with the Associated Builders and Contractors

    o   Hosted public officials at MFG Day open houses and at AMTS

    o   Recruited members to attend hearings on air permit fees

    o   Enhanced our collaborative relationships with organizations focused on             government advocacy such as the Dayton Chamber, the Coalition for                 Prosperous America, and the Associated Builders and Contractors

  • Fundraising – In addition to member dues, DRMA diligently pursues sources of revenue to help fund DRMA activities.
  • Conducted two great golf outings to raise funds for the DRMA Foundation (which pays for all our workforce pipeline initiatives)
  • Completed a study, done by a certified fundraising consultant, on the feasibility of launching a fundraising campaign for the DRMA Foundation
  • Met with the Dayton Foundation to investigate their managing our Foundation funds
  • Arranged for board members to do a WHIO video segment on the fundraising campaign


  • Membership33 Manufacturer, 11 Affiliate, and 14 Associate members were added in 2017, bringing total membership to 407 member companies.  More members = a stronger voice = stronger connections and more programs.