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Your Future Career in Manufacturing

Does your future point toward a career in manufacturing?  

Manufacturing companies in the Dayton Region are thriving and looking to hire! This high-tech, high-paying industry has a variety of employment options for people of all ages, skill levels, and educational backgrounds. Whether you're researching education/training pathways or looking for a job right now, there are career opportunities for you. Follow the links below to find your path. 


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Why Manufacturing?

The average starting salary for manufacturers in the region is much higher than other "entry level" careers such as fast food, retail, or office work. With plenty of opportunity for growth and advancement, careers in manufacturing offer a comfortable living in a thriving industry. And, with approximately 2,500 manufacturing companies in the Dayton Region, you have plenty of options to find an employer that meets your needs.



Career Paths for Every Education Level

There are plenty of career opportunities for every level of education, from a high school diploma to an advanced degree. And most employers offer tuition reimbursement, making it even easier to achieve the education you want.


Be a Part of Something Bigger

Products for Coca-Cola, Tesla, KitchenAid, and Boeing are made right here in Dayton. Working in manufacturing means you are creating products that are used by millions of people around the world every day. 


Need Help? 

Sometimes talking to a real person makes everything easier. Contact Kayla at DRMA to talk about career paths, education/training options and more.


DRMA partners with Making Ohio to promote the amazing careers available in the manufacturing industry.