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Workforce Development

You need a vibrant, skilled workforce and the DRMA is working with you to attract those workers. As the recognized leader in promoting manufacturing careers in the Dayton region, DRMA is active in a variety of initiatives designed to advance the well-paid, fulfilling jobs our industry offers.

How does your company benefit?

 Establish relationships with potential employees
 Ensure you have the employees  you need as your business grows
 Develop a quality workforce for the high tech jobs of the 21st century
 Recruit top quality employees at all educational levels
 Get temporary help at low or no cost, with the potential to become full time employees

In addition to the direct benefits for your company, being active in developing the next generation of skilled workers also helps by restoring manufacturing as the premier economic driver for our region and positioning you as a community leader.  Your participation also helps eliminate outdated images and common misperceptions about manufacturing careers.

Many DRMA member companies are already reaping the benefits of attracting the next generation of skilled workers through internships, participation in Manufacturing Day, etc.


It's easy to get involved!  Here's how:

 Participate in your local school’s career day or local career fairs
Join a DRMA Growing the Workforce Pipeline committee
Start a high school internship program
Volunteer at one of DRMA's Power Lunches
Host a Manufacturing Day open house (first Friday in October)
Hire a student worker for the summer at little or no cost to you
Speak at civic and business events about the great careers in manufacturing
Get involved with DRMA's Manufacturing Fundamentals Training Program (MSSC)
Be a technical mentor to a BOTS team or volunteer at the competition
Collaborate with local educators to work with students on projects
Serve on your local school district’s business advisory council
Sponsor manufacturing contests or events
Speak at school board meetings to create awareness of well-paying, meaningful manufacturing careers
Let DRMA know what you are doing to increase the skilled worker pipeline


DRMA's Workforce Development Initiatives

 The following are the main initiatives the GWP Committee is working on:

 MFG Day - DRMA locally organizes national MFG Day, an event where students tour manufacturing facilities teaching them about careers in the industry. We're the most successful MFG Day in the nation.

 Power Lunches -  A tabletop exhibit that is shown at schools during their lunch hour, or during special events.  It’s designed to catch the attention of students so that DRMA volunteers can talk briefly to students about the potential for a career in manufacturing.

 Manufacturing Industry-Recognized CredentialsDRMA works with educational institutions across the region to incorporate industry credentials into their curriculum and promotes the value of credentials to members. 

 Workforce/HR Meet Up - Topics for the Workforce/Hr Meet Up include internships and apprenticeships, funding for training, technical training methods, training resources, recruiting methods, assessments, compensation strategies, compliance issues, and others. Subject matter experts are on hand at each Meet Up. They are free and for members only. Click here to learn more about Meet Ups and why you should attend. 

Relationships with Schools - You want more skilled workers. Not enough young people are choosing manufacturing as a career.  What can you do to turn this around? Get to know your local school—and more importantly, get them to know you.

Summer CampsDRMA conducts summer activities to teach young children what manufacturing is all about and plant the seed for future careers in manufacturing. 

Dream It. Do It. – DRMA holds the Dayton Region license for Dream It. Do It., a national network of like-minded organizations focused on attracting talent to the manufacturing workforce.

Training/Education Program Advisory Committees DRMA volunteers serve on advisory committees to convey the needs of manufacturers and to ensure their curriculum produces graduates with the skills needed by manufacturers. 

Workforce Collaboration DRMA collaborates with numerous organizations and schools to advocate for members' workforce needs. We are at the table so that you can stay focused on your business. 

Contact the DRMA office for more information about any of these ideas!


DRMA is a subscriber of the Dream It Do It Network