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Creating Career Awareness

Posted By Don Clouser, Chairman of the Board, Thursday, June 13, 2019

More than likely you could use some additional people, or you could use some people with more skill, which usually comes from experience. You know that you are not alone. At our breakfast event in April, ITR economist Brian Beaulieu reminded us that we would be competing for employees for the next ten years. It is an issue for our industry. This is exactly what members counts on its industry association to help. So, what is DRMA doing?

DRMA’s biggest focus in the past few years has been on career awareness. People will not seek manufacturing jobs if they are not aware of the jobs and their potential. Our crown jewels in this effort have been Power Lunches and MFG Day. Both expose middle and high school students to manufacturing. From here we can point them toward area career technology centers, as well as our community colleges and universities for training, education, and development. In addition, we have launched an advertising campaign that leads students, parents, and adults to a website named This website helps visitors explore skilled trade paths and directs them to training, education, and services that can help them on this path. While it takes a lot of people to make these initiatives happen, we should give a shout out to the significant contributors of these efforts, FASTLANE and he Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

After creating awareness and filling the pipeline, potential employees need to know where to get their own training. This is why we maintain our relationships with local schools and educators to make sure the proper education and curriculum is available. DRMA has a relationship with over 30 schools, 4 CTCs, 2 community colleges and 2 universities, and we are looking to develop more.

Maybe you are looking to train your own people but just need to know they are worth training. DRMA’s efforts to promote industry-recognized credentials has influenced at least four programs in the area. Students completing these programs have earned the Certified Production Technician, NIMS metal working credentials, and welding credentials, just to name a few. While they may not be plug and play, these folks have proven they are trainable.

Our colleagues at Sinclair, Clark State, Edison State, University of Dayton, and Wright State are ready to help you with internal or external training of your employees. DRMA’s Young Professionals Committee spearheaded a collaboration with UD to offer professional development workshops. The model was so successful that we replicated it in collaboration with Sinclair to offer lean manufacturing workshops; and FASTLANE has provided tuition subsidies. Many of these collaborators will help integrate on-the-job-training to teach the skilled worker you desire.

Hope this whets your appetite to learn more about what DRMA is doing by attending our breakfast event in August. You will meet all of our collaborators and have a look at all of the activities that DRMA is making or is helping to make happen. Here you can get connected to the programs that make the most sense for you. We will explain how your efforts can pay off directly or indirectly.

It is important to DRMA to not only be the Voice of Manufacturing but to also provide action for its members.


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