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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Posted By Don Clouser, Chairman of the Board, Thursday, November 14, 2019

Our company has seven core values and we highlight one each year. Next year we are highlighting our core value of Giving. Our guidebook defines this core value as:

“Giving = Social Responsibility”

“Our companies believe in enhancing our local community by being an economic contributor and environmental steward. Additionally, we support philanthropic missions both local and nationwide that support and provide services to improve the quality of life to those less fortunate. We will continue to contribute and ensure these efforts are done with the intent to better the lives of those we touch.”

Now I don’t want you to think we force a “tithe” or “tax” to make things happen. But we do make it clear that our company will budget time or finances for giving even in the lean years, and we encourage our employees to do the same. Some participate in the activities that the company supports, others do their own. Either way, our company has us reflecting upon our life and realizing that it is all relative. That relativity usually points out how good our lives are and inspires to give thanks.

We are coming up on the time of year that many of us are programmed to think of such things. But how good would life be if we programmed ourselves to be in a continuous state of mind like this? I am eager to offer help when asked. Unfortunately, I am usually out of tune to realize that many won’t ask; therefore, I miss many opportunities to give or help.

The other thing to consider is that to be in a continuous giving or supporting state of mind, one does not need to always pull off grandiose gestures. My wife has conditioned herself to be alert to people. She is amazing at being able to recognize someone with a small gift, compliment, atta-boy, or just a smile when they could use one. Giving can be done in so many ways on so many scales, yet are all just as impactful.

I appreciate our company taking the time to remind us that there is more going on than our business through this core value of giving. I appreciate that they provide a means to give through their activities or our own. I have found those times make the tough business times more manageable. I encourage you to remember how good giving feels, be it your time, money or attention. I also challenge you to condition yourself to do little things all year long.

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