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Save Money with Your DRMA Membership Using Our Legal Services Plan

DRMA members benefit from the Legal Services Plan provided by Bob Dunlevey, Nadia A. Lampton and their associates. Get a quick response to your legal questions or problems without a hassle. The plan can save you money and time because his attorneys are well versed in business matters which confront our members. Most importantly, the consultation is free. Yes, free!

Here is how it works. Contact Bob Dunlevey at (937) 641-1743 or Nadia A. Lampton at (937) 641-2055, identify yourself as a DRMA member, and explain your situation on a confidential basis. Then, he will get you in contact with an attorney in his firm who is best suited to give you advice. Issues involving corporate/business, labor/employment, OSHA, government contracting, workers’ comp, real estate, construction, environmental, securities and litigation can all be addressed. Because the plan is designed to provide answers to common legal questions or problems confronting our members, your issue customarily can be resolved with the initial contact. But, if the matter is more intricate and requires more time, Bob will discuss with you the needed services and estimate the cost for you. Many members are using the plan and find it to be a valuable business tool. Don’t be left out!

You can’t lose with this valuable DRMA benefit. Easy access to attorneys who know your business, confidential treatment, specialized business services and the personal touch. Keep Bob’s number handy or go here for more details.

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