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Take Advantage of Worker Training Funds!

Montgomery County has two programs that can help your business recoup the costs of training new and existing employees.

Project Hire for new employees

Project Hire offers up to 50 percent reimbursement of a new employee’s regular wages for up to six months, allowing you to train new workers with fewer costs.

Project Hire has helped dozens of companies in Montgomery County build their workforce, allowing businesses to focus on training new employees without the cost of downtime. One of those companies is Bitec Division of Sample Machining.

“Project Hire has been very easy to work with for both the employer and the employee,” said Vera Tangeman, Human Resource Manager at Bitec. “I would advise any business that is looking for employees to utilize Project Hire.”

Incumber Worker Training (IWT) for your current employees

The Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program can help develop the skills of your existing employees. We know that training costs your company time. But we also know the value of improving current employees’ skills will pay off for years. Through our IWT program, we can reimburse at least 50 percent of the cost of certain eligible training programs.

Montgomery County is committed to supporting your business and investing in your workforce. With a dedicated staff, companies working with Montgomery County have someone to guide them through every step of the application and training process.

The funding available through Project Hire and IWT can make your hiring and training process easier and cost-efficient.

If you’re interested in reimbursement for training new and existing employees, contact Lisa Robertson at (937) 813-1173 or

Not in Montgomery County? Contact Kayla for more information on similar programs in Miami and Clark counties.


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