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An Overview of 4 Useful SEO Tools

The history of the appearance of this review began with the fact that our company had a question about a service for checking the link mass. After a long search, the choice fell on SEO SpyGlass. And then I had at my disposal the whole list of programs that solved various problems, promised the opportunity to optimize the SEO promotion process and which could be tested on real projects. Next in order.

Website Auditor | Audit

The program will help you quickly get a clear picture of the technical condition of the site. You scan and get conveniently arranged information on a variety of parameters: repeated or missing meta tags or meta descriptions, 404 errors on the site, 301 redirects, etc. At the same time, each item comes with a detailed explanation of why this parameter is important and why it is worth give him attention.

An interesting service of this program is "Content Analysis". It allows you to determine if there is overspam on the page by the entered keywords and gives advice on page optimization. On the wave of "Baden-Baden" a very useful tool.

The program also calculates the health level of the domain. It is expressed in points from 0 to 10. As the employee of the company who conducted the presentation put it:

“These points are calculated by the program in accordance with its internal algorithms. On these points you compete only with yourself. We fixed all the errors reflected in the software, grew in positions and you can rejoice, because there are no limits to perfection.”

Rank tracker | Positions

There are many paid and free sites and programs on the Internet for monitoring site positions. Somewhere there is more functionality, somewhere less, but they all have two things in common:

  • money is withdrawn for updating positions

  • you can not create projects and consistently track positions

How is the program different from them?

  • It is bought once - at least every day you can check the positions of your own and competitive projects, select requests

  • It is possible to create personalized reports with your own template / logo + setting additional parameters

  • Adding an unlimited number of projects

Cons : if several people are working on the project, it will be problematic to track positions in real time, there is no way to provide access to the client to track positions at any time convenient for him.

SEO SpyGlass | Link Mass

The software has all the functionality necessary to track changes in the link mass of the site. A detailed analysis of important factors will help you quickly find and reject low-quality links for which you can get a "penalty" from search engines.

The service provides data on the anchor of the link, whether it is closed from indexing, which page the donor refers to.

Pros :

  • The ability to compare the site with competitors and immediately identify useful links

  • A generalized comparison table that shows you how far you are behind or ahead of your competitors in having a quality link profile

  • Checking for links (purchased or received as a result of the exchange), because some of them could have been deleted since the last check or closed from indexing using nofollow

  • Ability to integrate with Google Analytics to track link traffic.

LinkAssistant | Donor search

The program is useful for automating the process of exchanging links between sites of similar subjects. The convenience of the service lies in the fact that it allows you not only to find a site that is thematically compatible with your site, but also makes it possible to immediately send an e-mail with a proposal for cooperation for link exchange.

At the same time, the program monitors the presence of all your backlinks (and the appearance of nofollow in them, prohibitions in robots.txt, redirects, etc.), and also creates and uploads to your site a catalog of reciprocal links to resources participating in the exchange with you.

Flikover is a site that permits buying premium SEO tools all things considered with different clients. Premium SEO tools are costly, and buying various tools can be pricey for a solitary client. Yet, Flikover assembles numerous clients and assists them with buying premium SEO tools sharing a division measure of the absolute expense. Also, those clients share the record of every premium SEO instrument and aggregately pay for the record.

Summing up

Services are useful and unique in their own way. Each program SEO-specialist will find a use. Together, they are designed to reduce time costs and help automate the promotion process, which they undoubtedly cope with. The interface is pleasing to the eye and intuitive, all parameters are configurable, reports can also be customized to fit your needs and tasks. The main thing is that the service can be used not only by highly specialized specialists, but also by people who are quite far from search promotion. Test and enjoy!

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