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How to write articles

Today more and more people are trying their hand at copywriting. This is both good and bad.

It is good because, as they say, the bigger the professional community is, the more interesting it is and the more active it is.

And it is bad because ... Very often hire someone to write a paper the copywriters are those who decided that the easiest way to earn some extra money with the articles for web sites is to write whatever they want, to write as they have to, and the text will be useful somewhere.

What is the main mistake of beginner copywriters?

As a rule, best essays for sale they start writing articles and notes, not knowing the basic principles of presenting information. They don't know how the structure of the article is created and what is necessary for it and what can be sacrificed. And they also forget about refining the draft text to a "sellable" version - they forget about editing and checking errors (lapses, punctuation, etc.).

Of course, sometimes it seems that in order to write articles for websites and blogs, the ability to put letters into words, and words - to type on the keyboard is enough. But believe me, this is not enough to create high-quality texts.

Let's look at the features of writing the most common types of Internet articles.

How to write a custom article

Even novice copywriters know: custom articles always have a strictly assigned topic. And if the customer is also concerned about promoting his resource in search engines, he will additionally require that the text contains the so-called "keywords" - word combinations and phrases that cannot be changed. Plus - a requirement for the number of characters, ie, the volume of the article.

Of course, all this imposes restrictions on creative impulses of the writer, and there is a desire to comply with the purely technical side of the requirements, not thinking about the readability of the text. And this - a big mistake.

First of all, today almost all search engines are able to evaluate articles by this parameter, so a sloppily written article with a hundred percent probability will lose out to a high-quality one. And it will affect your reputation.

And secondly, most website owners are aware of all the changes in search engines, which means that they will cooperate only with those copywriters who are able to comply with the technical requirements and write interesting articles for readers.

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