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How To Learn French

Can I and how to learn french from home?

So English is my second language and I learned it in about 6 months using homework help websites I'm not perfect at it but everyone was impressed how fast I could pick it up. People keep telling me to start learning other languages since I'm so talented and because I don't think I have any other talents. I was thinking about studying french. I can't take classes because where I live there is no french classes and I don't really want to spend money so I was wondering if I can learn it at home by using audio books and books. I downloaded some audio books but they are too confusing. I need something that starts from the very beginning since I don't even know the alphabet. Please help

Where and how to learn french? On which homework answers website can i find some french fans.

How to learn French the fastest way?

Im planning to go to Switzerland and study there however, I have to know french to study there, I cant wait to go, and I just want to learn French the fastest i could... another problem, I cant afford to pay a french course or something like that, is there like a website that could help me?

How to learn french kissing?

can u tell me how to do french kiss?

How to learn French fast online?

What is the best way to learn French fast online? I am thinking of trying learn French audio courses, and also maybe doing online courses or getting pen pals.

How to Learn French Fast? any good books or website? my school doesn't have a French class so yeah..thanks

How to learn french :)?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I want to learn how to speak french but I cannot take another language class until I finish my second year of spanish. Are there any websites online that teach other languages but do not cost any money

How to learn french ? i take french in schooland i'm having a really hard time learning and memorizing wordsanyone have any tips or help before i fail?and please don't say a tutor because i can't afford one

How to learn French numbers 1 to 20?

My homework is to learn French numbers 1 to 20 in one night. It sounds easy but im rubbish at French Please Help x

How to learn French in a fun effective way? I want to learn French. I don't fancy sitting there with a book learning it bored out of my head. Is there a fun way of learning it? Thanks

How to learn french :(.I really want to? i dont want to use rosetta i want to start from the very basic since i am a complete french illetrate .so whats the best book i should begin with.and is it good if i start with grammar and then later on build vocabulary and keep on checking pronounciation from net.since thats the only free way i have formulated to learn french

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