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Thanks to all the participants of MFG Day 2014! It was a huge success and brought us one step closer to growing the manufacturing workforce pipeline. Twenty-nine companies hosted open houses and 2,578 students and teachers from 42 schools attended. Several local, state, and federal elected officials participated in the event. Participating companies in the Dayton region were awarded proclamations from the Ohio Treasurer of State’s office. Click here to see great photos of this year’s event!                    

in the Dayton Region

The Dayton, Ohio, Region's manufacturing industry is one of the largest, most highly developed centers in the United States. The unique and compelling nature of the industry is a result of cutting-edge technology, sophisticated processes and a highly skilled workforce.

2,570 Companies
112,519 Employees
$5.6 Billion Annual Payroll
$3.8 Billion Economic Development
$36.6 Billion Annual Sales

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DRMA (formerly DTMA) is the voice and advocate for the manufacturing industry in the Dayton Region.



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