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Building Our Future



The DRMA leads the Dayton Region Manufacturing Workforce Partnership, an OMA-endorsed sector partnership, along with partners FASTLANE and the Dayton Development Coalition.  The purpose of DRMWP is to develop and execute new and enhanced initiatives that strategically align workforce efforts to ensure manufacturing competence and growth in the Dayton Region.  Enhancing manufacturing career awareness and communicating members’ workforce needs to all stakeholders will ensure that regional manufacturers have access to the highly skilled workforce needed for today and tomorrow.

A number of INITIATIVES are underway, which are funded in a large part by the DRMA FOUNDATION.  We can do more with more VOLUNTEERS, SPONSORS, and DONATIONS.


How Does Your Company Benefit?

In addition to the direct benefits for your company, being active in developing the next generation of skilled workers also helps by restoring manufacturing as the premier economic driver for our region and positioning you as a community leader. Your participation also helps eliminate outdated images and common misperceptions about manufacturing careers.

Many DRMA member companies are already reaping the benefits of attracting the next generation of skilled workers through internships, participation in MFG Day, and more.

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" Like many industries, workforce development is an ongoing opportunity and challenge. Through DRMA, we actively engage in multiple levels of workforce development, including getting to know local schools, meeting with educators to understand their students’ needs, and engaging with schools by getting to know the kids and helping to fuel their interest in manufacturing. " 

April DeJesus, NuVasive  
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