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Manufacturing is all about skills and knowledge: innovating, designing, and making a product. It doesn't have to require a four-year degree—a starting position can be attained with a high school diploma and short-term training. And, once established, you can continue your education with the possibility of tuition reimbursement paid by your employer.

Still in School? Consider Your Local Career Tech Center

There are wide and diverse opportunities for current students to learn skills that will teach and prepare you for a successful and rewarding future. See the list below and click on the links for details about each opportunity. The application process for most high school programs begins sophomore year. 

Traditional high schools are also starting to incorporate technical training into their curriculum. If you're not sure if your school offers such programs, talk to your guidance counselor or contact Kayla at DRMA. 


Looking for Options After High School? Local Community Colleges and Career Centers Can Help

Whether you're looking for a short-term certificate or a two-year degree, there are plenty of institutions in the Dayton Region that can put you on the path to your dream career. CLICK HERE for a list of adult training programs.


Visit Making Ohio to learn more about potential manufacturing careers.

The manufacturing industry of today is far from one of the past; it is one that is full of smart, innovative and talented people and one that pays well and has an abundant need for talent.   
Beth Graves
Prime Controls
MFG Day 2021

Want to see manufacturing in action? Visit a local manufacturing facility on MFG Day on October 1, 2021. You can attend with your school or with a parent/guardian—visit to see who is hosting in your area or contact Kayla at DRMA.