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Moving Manufacturing



Here's how:
  • JOIN a DRMA workforce committee

  • VOLUNTEER at DRMA career events

  • ATTEND DRMA Workforce/HR Meet Ups

  • HOST an MFG Day open house

  • Participate in your local school’s career day or local career fairs


  • Hire a student worker for the summer at little or no cost to you

  • Speak at civic and business events about the great careers in manufacturing

  • Collaborate with local educators to work with students on projects

  • Serve on your local school district’s business advisory council

  • Speak at school board meetings to create awareness of well-paying, meaningful manufacturing careers

  • LET DRMA KNOW what you are doing to increase the skilled worker pipeline

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> DRMA Associate Board <

We Need Sponsors

In order to keep manufacturing in their minds, we give away a trinket to students with whom we interact.  Your sponsorship of $400 will cover the cost of about 250 pieces on which your name will be imprinted.  Are you interested in helping promote your company and careers in manufacturing to students?


Kara for more information or to get involved in any of these initiatives.

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" DRMA does a lot to help address the workforce needs of the manufacturing industry. The work they do with educators to incorporate industry-recognized credentials into their curriculum and produce credentialed graduates has helped me find more qualified employees with an interest in manufacturing. "   

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