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We are meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry by supporting the DRMA’s daily activities and efforts, which translate to individual opportunity, manufacturing growth, and community prosperity. We are asking for your help so that we can continue to lead the region’s workforce development initiatives.

Stebbins Career Tech 

David Curley is in his second year as the advanced manufacturing & machining instructor at Stebbins. As a 2002 graduate of Stebbins High School, as well as bringing multiple years of hands-on direct manufacturing experience to the job, David is uniquely positioned to lead his advanced manufacturing and machining students.  Mr. Curley is excited to be at his alma mater and transfer his industry passion and knowledge to the next generation of manufacturers.

   “The connections and industry insights DRMA brings to the table are outstanding. The pool of DRMA members as potential employers for our students is deep. That, combined with their advice on relevant curriculum and foresight of industry trends, makes DRMA an indispensable partner.” 

                                  - David Curley, Advanced Manufacturing & Machining Instructor at Stebbins Career Tech


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Mr. Curley and his Career Tech Students

> Stebbins Career Tech Students - click to enlarge 

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" What excites me about the opportunity presented through the DRMA workforce development program is the collaboration that allows my students to more clearly see their path forward and to find internships and employment with local companies. "  

Gary Recker Industrial Education Instructor, Dayton Christian Schools