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Making An Impact. Together 

We are meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry by supporting the DRMA’s daily activities and efforts, which translate to individual opportunity, manufacturing growth, and community prosperity. We are asking for your help so that we can continue to lead the region’s workforce development initiatives.

Tri-North County Schools 

Harold Niehaus is the Preble County Career Connections Director at Tri-County North Schools. Harold exposes the students at Tri-North to a wide variety of career opportunities. He is especially thankful to Angelia Erbaugh and the DRMA for the continued outstanding support, and engagement in Preble County and at Tri-County North as well as their members such as Henny Penny, Silfex, and Cornerstone.

Harold Niehaus, PrebleCounty Career Connections Director 


“I think that career day was fun because we got to eat outside and learn all about different types of jobs. I liked all the stations but really liked the electric. It was my favorite because we got to put parts and wires together to make something that works in the end.”​

- 6th grade, Tri-County North Schools 


“I really had a blast at career day. The presenters were all super helpful, nice, and spoke clearly. My favorite thing was learning about the water circle and how clean water not only helps us stay healthy but how water is also important to our manufacturing companies. Thank you so much!”

- 6th grade, Tri-County North Schools 


“I thought career day was really fun. I really liked every station but especially liked the airplane one the best because building the wooden plane was super fun.”

- 6th grade, Tri-County North Schools 

Stebbins Career Tech  

The connections and industry insights DRMA brings to the table are outstanding. The pool of DRMA members as potential employers for our students is deep. That, combined with their advice on relevant curriculum and foresight of industry trends, makes DRMA an indispensable partner.” 

          - David Curley, Advanced Manufacturing & Machining Instructor at Stebbins Career Tech

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" What excites me about the opportunity presented through the DRMA workforce development program is the collaboration that allows my students to more clearly see their path forward and to find internships and employment with local companies. "  

Gary Recker Industrial Education Instructor, Dayton Christian Schools
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