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 Thursday, April 25 |  Webinar

DRMA Lunch & Learn Webinar: Considering Exiting Your Business: Have You Thought About Employee Ownership?
Sunbelt Business Advisor

April 25, 12 to 12:30 p.m.

(followed by an optional 30-minute Q&A period)



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DRMA Lunch & Learn webinars tap into our supplier members’ breadth and depth of expertise to deliver timely and pertinent topics that will help you strengthen your business.  And it’s convenient; attend over your lunchtime from the convenience of your desk, your home, or on a boat . . . as long as you have your device and internet service! 

Attendees’ video will be turned off and names will not be listed so that your anonymity is ensured. 

There are many options for exiting your business: generational transition or a third-party buyer are two we talk about a lot, but have you considered your employees? Join us as we speak with Co-op Cincy, a non-profit whose mission is to assist owners in transitioning their businesses to employee-owned co-ops. If you are the owner of a company or an employee who is interested in ownership, please join this webinar to learn more.


$10  members (per person) 

$25 for non-members (per person)

Cancellations with refunds will be available up to 7 days prior to the event, minus credit card and handling fees.



If your company is a member of DRMA, you pay the member rate. To verify your company is a member, view our membership directory hereDon’t see your company on the list? Learn more about membership here!

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