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Article Title: Kudos to Members Growing the Workforce Pipeline

THANKS to the following member companies and people who are helping to grow the manufacturing workforce pipeline!

· For providing hands-on activities for the Preble County 8th Grade Career Day – September 27

o Zack Etzler, Alec Ober, and Scott Hoops - Resonetics

· For volunteering for the Preble County 8th Grade Career Day– September 27

o April Angel and Beth Casella – AFC Tool

o Keith Bernheisel – Sinclair Community College

o Leona Chia – Resonetics

o Jacob Marino – Barsplice

o Vera Tangeman and Jerry Corbin – Trifecta Group

o Amy Tipton – Lubrisource

Every one of these efforts helps to raise the awareness of the great careers in our industry, resulting in a bigger pool of quality candidates for you to hire. If you would like to help, contact Kayla.

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