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Available TechCred Funding

Lt. Governor Husted announced last week that 302 Ohio companies have been approved for TechCred funding, which will help them upskill their current and incoming workforce.

The next TechCred application period opened on August 4th, and will run through August 31st, allowing for another opportunity for current and incoming employees to earn tech-focused skills.

As a resource to employers, Lt. Governor Husted also announced that the list of eligible TechCred credentials now includes examples of education and training providers that offer each certificate or certification.

The examples listed under each credential are based on training provider submissions and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of providers offering each credential within the state or online. Employers are welcome to work with a training provider that is not listed.

Today, 302 Ohio employers were approved, which will result in up to 3,241 credentials that will help upskill Ohio workers. With the approvals announced today, a total of 695 Ohio employers have been allocated funding through four rounds, supporting 7,473 technology-focused credentials to be earned by Ohio employers.

Employers can apply or learn more about the program at


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