Don't Miss This Chance for Free Interns

SOCHE is working with Montgomery County on a potential opportunity to utilize CARES Act funding to develop our future workforce by offering FREE internships to businesses located in the county. When the plan is finalized, the placement of the students will need to occur quickly to maximize the benefit to your business as the funding expires at the end of the year.

Internship Dates: October 5 – December 31, 2020

Eligibility: Business residing in Montgomery County

Example Internships: Engineering, IT, Science, Research, Project Management, Marketing, Graphic Design, Accounting/Finance, Special projects

Student Classification: All STEM and Non-STEM majors and all college/university grade levels

Hourly Billable Rate Per Intern: $0 (If a business wants intern to continue working in 2021, the billable rate will be $21.10 per hour. The intern will be on SOCHE’s payroll so SOCHE will cover all taxes, insurance, and payroll fees)

How to Reserve an Intern: Email patty.buddelmeyer@soche.org with the number of interns needed per job description

If the CARES Act funding is approved, there will be a limited number of free internships available. Please request your intern(s) by ASAP, so SOCHE can provide student resumes for you to interview.

Please contact Patty.Buddelmeyer@soche.org for additional information.


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