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DRMA Advocates for our Members

The world of business is complex, and it is important to rely on industry partners like DRMA for success. DRMA’s mission focuses on strengthening member companies and serving as the advocate for manufacturing in the Dayton region. DRMA is recognized as the trusted voice of the industry to represent members’ needs and concerns so that they may stay focused on their business. Members expect advocacy from their trade association and it’s part of DRMA’s brand promise. DRMA advocates with public officials, legislators, educators, parents, the business community, the media, and many other regional stakeholders to advance the interests of our members and the industry.

Top Issues List – DRMA surveys its members and produces an annual list of their top issues and concerns which provides direction for programming and advocacy initiatives.

Government Relations Meet Ups – Meet with government and elected officials to convey members’ issues and learn about their plan for manufacturers.

Community Stakeholders – DRMA builds strong relationships with community organizations to advocate for members.

Training/Education Program Advisory Committees – DRMA volunteers serve on advisory committees to convey the needs of manufacturers and to ensure their curriculum produces graduates with the skills needed by manufacturers.

Local manufacturers face countless challenges every day in their efforts to stay profitable, be productive, and to grow. As a key sector in the Dayton Region and in Ohio, manufacturing must be “at the table” when key issues are being debated and decided. DRMA works to make sure that happens.

DRMA . . .

  • Conducts a survey and produces a list of members’ top issues

  • Promotes the value of the industry by publishing the Manufacturing in the Dayton Region document with statistics compiled by the Center for Urban and Public Affairs at Wright State University

  • Builds relationships with the media which results in positive local manufacturing stories

  • Collaborates with state and national organizations such as Ohio Manufacturers’ Association and the National Association of Manufacturers.

  • Drives and supports initiatives to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing to attract more workers to the pipeline

  • Represents members and their concerns with a number of area organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and public and elected officials

All this and more to support DRMA’s brand promise to STRENGTHEN, ADVOCATE, AND EDUCATE.

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