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Earn $400 Per Employee for Your Qualifying In-House Training Program

The Ohio Workforce Partnership (OMWP) – a collaboration of Ohio TechNet and The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association -- recognizes that company-led, on-the-job learning is often as high-quality and rigorous as traditional apprenticeships. Now there is a way to be compensated for your investment in in-house earn-and-learn programs.

Through funds provided to OMWP by the U.S. Department of Labor Scaling Apprenticeship grant, manufacturers can now earn $400 per trainee. This opportunity is first-come, first-serve, and can fund up to 1,930 individuals. And, this incentive can be combined with programs like TechCred to offset the cost of tuition, credentials, assessments, and other training-related expenses.

To apply for funding, employers are asked to complete an online application that requests detailed information about:

·  Their company;

·  Their earn-and-learn program(s);

·  The number of apprentices/earn-and-learn trainees in the program(s); and

·  How the program(s) meets the federal ‘five-hallmark’ definition of earn-and-learn/apprenticeship.

Click here to review the five hallmarks of earn-and-learn under the USDOL grant.

Ready to apply? Click here!

Not quite ready? Help is available!

Not sure your program qualifies? Or your program could qualify with some adjustments? We’re here to help!

Please contact us by email for assistance with qualifying your program. We can help with:

·  Developing an on-the-job training summary or checklist of training outcomes;

·  Identifying training providers;

·  Identifying appropriate nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials;

·  And more.


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