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Learn from Members through DRMA Meet Ups

DRMA Meet Ups help you, or your key employees, build your peer network with members who are interested in the same topic area, so that you can learn from them and strengthen your business. Meet Ups are small discussion groups, designed to stimulate dialogue in a casual, comfortable atmosphere. Ask questions, get advice, and share your experiences with fellow members. (This is not a sales pitch opportunity.) They are FREE and for members only.

  • Operations Meet Up - for anyone responsible for any aspect of manufacturing operations. Topics include ERP systems, scheduling, facility maintenance, streamlining processes, and other areas of interest about managing the operations within your company. Registration is REQUIRED for the Operations Meet Up, and registrations must be received no later than 24 hours in advance. In some instances, competitors will not be permitted to attend; DRMA will notify you in advance if this applies to you.

  • Workforce/Human Resources Meet Up - for anyone responsible for skilling up your manufacturing workforce. Topics include internships and apprenticeships, funding for training, technical training methods, training resources, and others.

  • MFG Day Meet Up - for anyone interested in hosting an open house on national Manufacturing Day on the first Friday in October. Topics include how to conduct an effective open house, how to connect with schools, tools to make your open house run smoothly, and others.

  • Additive Manufacturing Meet Up - for anyone curious about this new technology. Topics include 3D printing with plastic and metal, additive vs. subtractive, applications for additive, equipment, and others.

  • Government Relations Meet Up – for anyone interested in advancing the concerns of manufacturers with government officials and elected representatives. Topics include government policies, legislative issues, and the opportunity to speak with those who work for and represent us.

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