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Project Lathe: A Leading Niche Lathe Producer

Project Lathe provides after-market parts, field service, rebuilt and remanufactured lathes. The company is the exclusive owner of the original blueprints and documentation necessary to supply true OEM replacement parts. The company acquired other lathe and machine shops in the 1990s and 2000s adding to the aftermarket business. In addition, the company has become an importer of European machine tools filling a demand for a loyal customer base. Located in the Midwest, the company has approximately 30,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space. There are many synergistic opportunities that could be useful for an existing manufacturing

facility or for additional capacity requirements.

Well Known Products

Project Lathe’s company name has been synonymous with quality manufactured machine tools since 1909. This legacy can be leveraged for sales for additional machine tool products and services. Using the company’s name and customer database it could also be used to introduce non-machine tool products and services.

Importer of European Machine Tools

Project Lathe imports high quality machine tools from Germany and Slovakia to fulfill existing customers inquiries and new customers as well. The importation of machinery could be expanded upon to include related or unrelated types of machine products.

Customer Data Base

Project Lathe’s customer data base is very large and consists of a nation-wide cross section of small to huge metal cutting machine shops with thousands of contacts that could be data-mined for potential sales for new or existing products.

Coveted Contacts

Project Lathe is an approved supplier to many U.S. government facilities and government contractor facilities. To become an approved vendor is often a difficult position to achieve. Although these types of customers can be demanding, they have proven to be some of the largest and most successful contracts for the company.

Demonstrated Revenue and Profitability

As shown below, Project Lathe generates sales and operating income over the business cycle. Some years are stronger than others, but the company is consistently profitable. The current strong backlog suggests excellent 2022 results.

For additional information, please contact:

Paul L. Gierosky – General Partner

Mobile: 216-469-5206



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