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DRMA works with local media to get them to run positive stories about manufacturing in order to communicate the size, breadth, and impact our industry has on the local economy. We need you to tell us when you have good news to share, whether it is a planned expansion, new job creation, or adding new equipment, and we’ll get you in touch with the right media. What’s in it for you? Your company will experience increased credibility and exposure to your potential employees! This one is easy! Contact Melisa and she’ll make the right connections for you.

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THANKS to the following member companies and people who are helping to grow the manufacturing workforce pipeline! For volunteering for a Power Lunch at Centerville High School – October 17 April Angel

Submitted by: Sedgwick As most employers know, the financial and emotional impact of a work-related employee injury can be significant. While the primary goal is to ensure the injured worker receives