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Use of MSSC Master Training Center at Warren County Career Center and CPT+ instructor dates

Submitted by the Warren County Career Center

On September 14, 20212 we issued a press release to inform the public that the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the nation’s leading industry certification body for front-line technicians in advanced manufacturing had selected Warren County Career Center in Lebanon, OH as a Master Training Center. Effective that date, Warren County Career Center will be authorized to offer training to instructors to deliver MSSC’s hands-on Certified Production Technician Plus (CPT+) program using the highly innovative, portable “Skill Boss” training and testing device invented by Amatrol, the nation’s leading manufacturer of industrial technician training equipment. Before attending this CPT+ training, instructors must first secure eLearning-based CPT 4.0 credentials through their area MSSC Assessment Center. These centers are listed in the “MSSC Ohio Fact Sheet," and shows the schools and companies involved with MSSC over the years. These CPT 4.0 courses include an introduction to rapidly emerging “Industry 4.0” digital technologies, including 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Additive (3D), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Autonomous Robots, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Nanomanufacturing and Advanced Materials. We believe that this inclusion of Industry 4.0 technologies and the opening of this state-wide Master Training Center at Warren County Career Center will strengthen the MSSC CPT training and certification program. In turn, the widespread use of this program will help Ohio ramp up the higher skilled workforce needed to ensure the success of the post-COVID rebuilding of the state’s manufacturing base. See below for further details on how to access this high-quality industry certification program which serves multiple populations in Ohio: community college students, high school students, incumbent workers, military, and charitable organization training.

Instructor Training and Options: The CPT+ Instructor training will begin at Warren County Career Center according to the following schedule: October 21 & 22 - CPT+ Instructor Training November 17, 18, & 19 - CPT & CPT+ Instructor Training December 16 & 17 - CPT+ Instructor Training January 19, 20, & 21 - CPT & CPT+ Instructor Training February 17 & 18 - CPT+ Instructor Training March 23, 24, & 25 - CPT & CPT+ Instructor Training

Student Training and Testing: Students from any of the populations listed above that have secured any of the four CPT Certificates (Safety, Quality, Production Processes, Maintenance Awareness) and are enrolled in a well-established education or training institution that does not have a “Skill Boss” device, may enroll in hands-on CPT+ training and testing at Warren County Career Center, MSSC Master Training Center, to secure CPT+ “Skill Boss” credentials. Scheduling and pricing details will be provided in the future. NOTE: For details on pricing, enrollment and scheduling contact Brent Brinkerhoff, Buckeye Educational Systems Accommodations: For hotel information, contact Dave Guinn, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Coordinator, Warren County Career Center


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