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Use SOCHE Engage to Hire Interns

Did you know…

Ohio has over 200,000 high school juniors and seniors, and more than half will enter the workforce upon graduation. Recent legislation enables Ohio's 16- and 17-year old students in non Career and Technical Center programs to work on a part-time basis in Ohio's manufacturing industry, which provides manufacturers viable workforce pipeline solutions to remain successful. Visit the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Fact Sheet here.

The power of an internship…

Internship programs are a powerful strategy to build your future workforce, providing a risk-free way to evaluate potential employees. Interns bring fresh ideas, youthful energy, and innovative methods without the uncertainty of hiring a new employee "off the street." Nationally, 70.4% of interns are offered full-time employment upon graduation, and interns have a 43.9% retention rate after 5-years of employment! (All national data from the 2019 NACE study published at

How to hire an intern… Define:

  • Start and end dates

  • Work hours and days of the week

  • Tasks and machines that the intern will work on

  • Mentor, the person who will guide the intern

Provide a safe work environment in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and both the Federal and Ohio Minor Employment Laws for students under 18.

Take advantage of SOCHE Engage salary assistance programs to:

  • Recruit student candidates

  • Pay intern salary, taxes, insurance, payroll fees

  • Support developing intern employability skills

Strategies to convert an intern into a full-time employee upon graduation…

  • Invest in employees' professional development

  • Create career progression opportunities both vertical and horizontal

  • Establish clear-cut expectations and policies

  • Offer a benefits package that is truly beneficial

  • Create a culture of open communication

  • Ensure employees feel valued

  • Don't overburden employees

  • Provide employees with meaningful work

  • Promote a diverse and inclusive culture

Contact to start building your workforce with a SOCHE Intern.

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