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Creating An Impact Through The DRMA Foundation 

It is the driving mission of the DRMA Foundation. Through your donations, we are able to help all people including the underemployed and the underserved youth and adults of the region, and present the vision of a career in manufacturing.

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“What really struck me about the manufacturing program at Stebbins was the openness and the quality of the teaching by Mr. Curley. It has allowed me to see opportunities to use both my hands and my head. The DRMA Manufacturing Day tours provided me a look into the actual manufacturing companies, the people, and the jobs.”

- Stebbins High School

Wyatt Banks MVCTC #1.jpg

“It was fantastic visiting several facilities during National Manufacturing Day. I really enjoyed seeing how they were working with high tolerances for exciting projects such as space programs and Disney. I like both working with my hands and my head using math skills and I saw both of those in action during our field trip. I am even more excited about my future in manufacturing.”


- Miami Valley CTC, Precision Machining

Ethan Garber MVCTC Robotics #1.jpg

“I enjoy the hands-on activity, complexity, and the ability to create complex end products that manufacturing offers. A career in robotics will also offer me a diversity of job opportunities, good benefits, and great pay in a high-tech environment. Thank you DRMA and MVCTC.”

- Miami Valley CTC, Robotics

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“I am thankful to DRMA and their member companies for their workforce development programs. These programs will allow me to learn new things, and to see what jobs interest me from working with my hands to high-tech to management.”

- Senior at Dayton Christian 

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Mr. Recker and his Industrial Education Students

> Dayton Christian Industrial Education Students - click to enlarge 

Dayton Christian's Vision 

You might call Gary Recker, Industrial Education Instructor, Dayton Christian Schools, a visionary.  


Dayton Christian’s connection with DRMA is relatively new. That collaborative spark has begun to seed visionary opportunities for DC through DRMA’s workforce development programs. Following the initial discussions, DRMA sent Gary a list of local manufacturers looking for young talent with a passion for manufacturing.

Gary immediately seized the opportunity and began to contact companies on the list.

      “The response has been amazing. The DRMA member companies have the
        same primary desire we do at Dayton Christian - to find 
        and careers for local students passionate about manufacturing.”

                                  - Gary Recker, Industrial Education Instructor, Dayton Christian Schools


Gary also teaches his students the basic, but critical, skills of writing a cover letter, and creating a resume, as well as proper methods and tactics in contacting, interviewing, and landing a job. Like many freshman students entering high school, Gary’s students were not sure what they wanted to do. What is gratifying to Gary about the DRMA program is the collaboration that allows his students to more clearly see their career vision through internships and potential employment with local manufacturing companies.

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" What excites me about the opportunity presented through the DRMA workforce development program is the collaboration that allows my students to more clearly see their path forward and to find internships and employment with local companies. " 

Gary Recker Industrial Education Instructor, Dayton Christian Schools
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