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2021 Sinclair Fall Semester

The 2021 Fall Semester at Sinclair is bringing back a Saturday morning CAM 1109 “Fundamentals of Tooling and Machining” course this year!

It has been years since we have seen a need for a weekend course but with the urgent need to find qualified workers, it appears the time is here again. The new “Advanced Precision Machining” is a certificate program, which provides the same great training as the STEP II program did, but in a shorter, more manageable way of completing the training. This will allow companies to send workers in multiple time slots so they are still able to contribute to the bottom line while learning and becoming a bigger asset to you, their employer.

Here is the list of the Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Technology offerings for the Fall 2021 semester. Each course listed has a live link to the Catalog description, and the best part is that at the bottom of the linked page is the ability to see the availability, time, and dates offered for that class. The drop-down menu on the right side allows you to select the term you are interested in seeing the course availability.

If you have any questions about any of our programs and/or courses, or want help please call Sinclair.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Course Title (with Live links to the catalog and schedule) Credit Hours

CAM 1107 Introduction to Mechanical Drafting with AutoCAD 3

CAM 1109 Fundamentals of Tooling & Machining 3

CAM 1110 Advanced Machine Operations 3

CAM 1116 Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control Operations 3

CAM1142 Advanced Shop Floor Math 3

CAM 1161 Machine Operations Laboratory I 3

CAM 1180 Welding & Metal Joining I 3

CAM 1181 Welding & Metal Joining II 3

CAM 1214 Computer Numerical Control Mill Programming 3

CAM 2114 Jig & Fixture Design 3

CAM 2145 Shop Floor Programming 3

CAM 2204 Computer Numerical Control Lathe Programming 3

CAM 2212 Computer Assisted Programming 3

CAM 2225 Tool Design 3

CAM 2700 Computer Aided Manufacturing Internship 1 - 4

Industrial Engineering Technology

Course Title (with Live links to the catalog and schedule) Credit Hours

OPT 1100 Tooling and Machining Metrology 2

OPT 1101 Introduction to Industrial Engineering Technology 3

OPT 1112 World Class Quality Systems & Procedures 3

OPT 1113 Coordinate Measurement 3

OPT 1126 Supervision, Team Leadership & Project Management 3

OPT 1130 Lean Operations & Continuous Improvement 3

OPT 2201 Statistical Process Control 3

OPT 2270 Operations Technology Internship 1 - 4

OPT 2780 Operations Technology Capstone 3


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