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Congratulations to our MFG Day award winners!

At our Shoptalk event on 9/22, we held our first-ever MFG Day awards to honor a handful of companies who are committed to showing students the many great careers in manufacturing. We appreciate all companies and schools who help make MFG Day a special day in the Dayton Region.

Here are the award winners:

Rookie of the Year Award

This award is for taking on the task of hosting a MFG Day event for the first time! We know it can be daunting and we thank these companies for stepping up to the plate.

  1. Avery Dennison

  2. BIMAC

  3. Wurth Electronics

  4. Cornerstone Research Group

5-Year Award

This award is for companies who have hosted MFG Day events for five consecutive years. We thank them for their continued commitment!

  1. Detailed Machining

  2. Dysinger Incorporated

  3. French Oil Mill Machinery Company

  4. Middletown Tube Works

  5. Noble Tool

Packed House Award

This award is for companies who have hosted the largest MFG Day events. They brought in busloads of students!

  1. McGregor Metalworking, for hosting 1,200 eighth graders from Springfield City Schools in 2014

  2. Libra Industries (Gem City Engineering), for hosting 500 students in 2017

  3. DRT Manufacturing, for hosting 400 students in 2015

Dedication Award

This award is for companies who have hosted a MFG Day event every year since MFG Day's inception in 2012! We can't thank these companies enough for their commitment and effort!

  1. McGregor Metalworking

  2. Production Control Units

  3. Rack Processing

Thanks again to all of the companies and schools who help make MFG Day a success year after year!


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