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Digital business solutions for exporting

by Deborah (Debbie) Dirr l U.S. Commercial Service, Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio l International Trade Administration l U.S. Department of Commerce | 937-776-4020 |

Dear DRMA Member:

The Commercial Service Global Advanced Manufacturing Team continues to work to identify areas where U.S. manufacturers could use additional guidance in expanding their international sales. While retail companies often use their online presence to sell directly to their customers, manufacturing companies often need to go through a longer sales and after-sales process. However, there are digital tools that manufacturers can use to promote their brand, connect with their buyers, and communicate with their distributors and the end-users of their products.

Join the Commercial Service Global Advanced Manufacturing Team in a FREE webinar series to learn more about how to use and improve your digital technology to advance your international sales goals. Listen and learn from experts on the digital tools available to help manufacturers as well as the manufacturers themselves that have successfully implemented these digital tools.

Digital Business Solutions for Exporting

Monthly series coordinated with eCommerce Innovation Labs

  • June 17Social Media Tools to Market your Manufacturing Business Overseas

  • July 15 – Using Live Online Events to Market Manufacturing Technologies

  • August 19 – Using Real Time Video Connections to Increase International Sales and Support your Customers

Register here.

U.S. manufacturers are among the most innovative, resourceful, and well-respected around the world. Help the rest of the world know about your company by adopting some, or all, of the digital tools that are available to help you brand and market your company to interested buyers around the world. The U.S. Commercial Service has a network of trade professionals around the world to assist U.S. businesses and I am here locally to work with you on your international business development goals. Please connect with me anytime to discuss the Digital Business Solutions for Exporting series or to learn more about the tools and resources available through U.S. Department of Commerce to assist your company.


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