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Get Involved in DRMA’s Workforce Initiatives

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA President, Tuesday, January 7, 2020

You need workers – what are you doing to find them? DRMA is constantly working to build and grow the workforce pipeline for manufacturers, but we can’t do it without your help. We need your support for our workforce initiatives to be successful. So don’t just complain about your workforce shortage – do something!

Here’s how you can get involved:

Attend Power Lunches and Career Fairs. Not only does this help represent the industry, it gets your company name in front of students who will be looking for jobs in the near future. Volunteer yourself or your younger employees! There’s no prep or public speaking involved – we just need to people who can show up and share their love for manufacturing.

Host an open house on MFG Day. Get students and educators into your facility to see what modern manufacturing looks like. Hosting an open house helps inspire a new generation of manufacturers, tell your company’s story, and dispel outdated myths about manufacturing.

Hire Apprentices. DRMA is partnered with Sinclair, Clark State, and MVCTC’s Adult Program to increase the number of training programs offering industry-recognized credentials and the number of people earning credentials in the Dayton region. These people will need an apprenticeship as a part of their program, and we want DRMA members to take advantage of this pool of qualified job candidates.

Serve on a committee or advisory board. DRMA relies on a committed group of volunteers to oversee our workforce initiatives. We also get requests from local schools and organizations for manufacturers to serve on their advisory boards. Either way, we need people who are willing to come to the table to represent their company and the industry.

Don’t have time but still want to help? Donate to the DRMA Foundation. Our workforce initiatives are funded through the DRMA Foundation and we need more to do more.

Contact Kayla or me to learn more about these initiatives and how you can get involved.

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