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Government Relations Committee update

Submitted by GRC members April Vanover, FASTLANE, and Tayte French-Lutz, French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

The DRMA Government Relations Committee has been hard at work scheduling future meet ups and keeping up-to-date on current events. Here is what they've been up to and following:

  • GRC hosted a meet up with State Rep. Rodney Creech on 7/23 at Henny Penny. Creech outlined his work on transportation issues and participated in a robust discussion about the talent pipeline for manufacturers.

  • The DACC continues to work on building the talent pipeline by securing funding for the TechCred Program and high school credentialing for in-high-demand manufacturing careers.

  • NAM is focused on resolving supply chain issues and is working to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed through congress. It doesn't believe another COVID-19 lockdown will happen.

  • CPA is focused on supply chain issues and policy with China.

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Submitted by GRC members Tayte French-Lutz, French Oil Mill Machinery Co., and April Vanover, FASTLANE-MEP DRMA will be having an in-person meet up with Rodney Creech at Henny Penny on July 23, from 8

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