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How You Can Help with MFG Day 2020

MFG Day 2020 has moved virtual! Due to health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, DRMA will not be facilitating our normal face-to-face tours for MFG Day this year. Instead, we are putting together a series of virtual facility tours for students to watch in the classroom or at home. We've hand-picked a few companies to highlight our industry and working with them right now to film these tours. Our MFG Day videos will be available for students and the general public on October 2.

Even if you're not helping us create a virtual tour, there are still ways you can promote MFG Day!

  • Share our videos on your company social media pages once they are published

  • Reach out to your school contacts and let them know what we're planning, direct them to Kayla for access to video tours

  • We may be hosting a few live Q&A sessions with schools - if you are interested if participating, contact Kayla.

  • If you're willing and able to host an in-person event, be sure to register on

We're doing everything we can to make sure MFG Day 2020 is a success, and we appreciate your continued support!


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