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I'VE BEEN THINKING . . . 1/8/19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Members expect advocacy from a trade association and it’s part of DRMA’s brand promise.  DRMA advocates for members’ issues on many fronts, with public officials, legislators, educators, parents, the business community, the media, and many other regional stakeholders.

One way we do this is by conducting an annual survey of our members and producing a list of their top issues.  This list helps us accurately communicate your concerns to the media, elected officials, and other community leaders and gives us direction on the types of programs and services that will help you strengthen your company. Of no surprise, the lack of a skilled workforce tops the list again this year.  See what else is keeping your fellow members awake at night here.

It’s membership renewal time!  Volunteers and staff work hard to ensure your membership in DRMA is valuable to you.  From growing the workforce pipeline, to advocacy, to business and economic development, and peer-to-peer connectivity, DRMA’s brand promise is to Strengthen, Advocate, and Educate.  Be part of the voice in 2019!  And if there is something else you would like us to do, please let me know.

Don’t miss our January evening event on January 17.  Not only will you get to know your 2019 board chairman, Don Clouser, but you’ll also get the inside scoop on UD football from head coach Rick Chamberlin.  And come a little early to meet up with some of the young folks involved in the association.  Let’s show them how much we NEED them in the industry and in DRMA.  Oh, and the cash bar will be open for service!  Register here.

Save money with your DRMA membership: Our Legal Services Plan offers members one FREE legal consultation per month with employment law attorney Bob Dunlevey at Taft/Law. Simply identify yourself as a DRMA member when you call (937) 641-1743.

Help grow your workforce by getting involved in Montgomery County’s YouthWorks program.  Say what?  Come to a one-hour “what the heck does this mean” meeting on either January 29 or February 5.  Lean more in the Growing the Workforce Pipeline section of this newsletter.

Involvement vs. engagement.  DRMA and many other business associations across the country are realizing there is a major difference between the two.  Involvement (yes, we depend on involved volunteers) is not the ONLY way for you to get value from your membership.  In fact, across all associations, only about 25% of members attend their associations’ events.  It’s really all about ENGAGEMENT.  Engagement comes in many forms, from attending events, to participating in our wage and top issues surveys, to reading and responding to business lead emails, to hosting an open house on MFG Day, etc. etc.  We now ask you to get ENGAGED . . . which is truly how you get bang for your DRMA dues buck!

Hey, thanks for choosing to be a member!  I REALLY appreciate it!


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