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I'VE BEEN THINKING . . . 10/10/19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Thursday, October 10, 2019

DRMA drives and supports numerous initiatives to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing in order to attract more workers to the pipeline. One of them is organizing national MFG Day here in the Dayton Region. MFG Day was held on October 4, and DRMA members, once again, stepped up to the plate to host over 45 open houses across the region! This makes the Dayton Region one of the best MFG Day sites in the country! And schools responded in droves . . . the numbers are still coming in, but so far we know that 2,978 students from 61 schools and 7 home school groups visited one or more open houses! If you participated in MFG Day, hooray! If you did not, you can still help . . . talk up the event with educators, students, and parents.

Our new health care coverage benefit is getting closer to launch! Read the article in this newsletter.

Manufacturers, what’s keeping you awake at night? Let us know through the Top Issues Survey. It’s a simple 2-question survey that we’ll use to advocate on your behalf and to determine programs and services that will help you strengthen your company. You have until October 18 to participate.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your application in for training reimbursement from the State of Ohio through their newly-launched TechCred program. See the article in this newsletter.

Results of the 2019 Wage and Benefit Survey are in! Conducted in conjunction with Manpower, the survey helps you benchmark the value of your jobs and your benefits plan. Current trends for compensation are covered, as are topics including employee benefits, work schedules and retention strategies. Results are free to those who participated. For details on how to purchase the survey report and more, read the full article in this newsletter. AND, be sure to attend the November Workforce/HR Meet Up where Manpower will be on hand to do a deep-dive into the results.

Thinking about your 2020 budget? I hope you include your membership in DRMA, your local industry association. The volunteers and staff work hard to bring you value. Please let me know if there is something we can do to make it better for you.

Speaking of your 2020 budget, please consider the various sponsorships DRMA offers its members. Doing so gets you a double bang for your buck! You get your name in front of 400+ member companies AND you help support the organization that helps you strengthen your business. Read the article in this newsletter listing the opportunities for 2020.

You probably know that we hold small group dialogue sessions called Meet Ups. They are organized around a topic area and are designed to connect members with other members who are interested in the same topic area, so that you can learn from each other in a casual, comfortable atmosphere. What you may not have thought about is that Meet Ups are a perfect professional development opportunity for your staff . . . they will be able to talk with, and learn from, a group of their peers about issues that impact their work responsibilities. I encourage you to encourage them to attend. Click here for more info.

Thanks for choosing to be a member!


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