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I'VE BEEN THINKING . . . 2/14/19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Friday, February 15, 2019

DRMA’s recent Top Issues Survey (click here for the results) confirms again what we have known for some time:  The #1 concern facing virtually all manufacturing members is the lack of a qualified workforce.  That’s why DRMA drives and supports numerous initiatives to increase the awareness of careers in manufacturing in order to attract more workers to the pipeline.  Read more about these initiatives in the Member Benefit Spotlight article in this newsletter.

One of those initiatives is organizing national MFG Day locally.  MFG DAY 2019 is on October 4, but NOW is the time to start thinking about hosting an open house.  Why so early?  Many schools plan their fall field trips during the spring.  Watch this short video to see the impact that MFG Day made on students’ views about careers in manufacturing.  Contact Kayla to learn more about participating.

Another of those initiatives is summer camps . . . we introduce kids to manufacturing with a few hands-on activities and videos.  I need 2 people to help with this project this year.  If you like working with kids, this is the place for you to plug in.  Let me know.

And another one:  We’re having great success in raising the awareness of the great careers our region’s manufacturing industry offers with our Power Lunches and career day activities!  Do you have a passion for growing your workforce pipeline and talking with young people?  Please volunteer a couple hours of your time and expertise during a Power Lunch and speak with students one on one about why you love working in manufacturing.  Talking points will be provided to you.  This requires a minimum commitment from you while providing you with the opportunity to impact your future workforce!  Contact me for more information.

We’re closing out our membership renewals!  Volunteers and staff work hard to ensure your membership in DRMA is valuable to you.  From growing the workforce pipeline, to advocacy, to business and economic development, to peer-to-peer connectivity, DRMA’s brand promise is to Strengthen, Advocate, and Educate.  Be part of the voice in 2019!  And if there is something else you would like us to do, please let me know.

DRMA wants to help you retain your emerging talent.  That is why our Young Professionals Committee has collaborated with the University of Dayton’s Center for Leadership to offer a series of workshops to give your staff the opportunity to connect as well as earn a DRMA professional development certificate!  Course descriptions and registration form can be found here.  To register your employees, please return the registration form and payment information to KaylaAct now! The first course is on Tuesday, March 5!

Looking for more work?  Or, looking for a supplier?  Don’t forget to use the DRMA Business Lead Email service to get work or to find a supplier.  Email Shay and she’ll explain the process.

We have a couple of opportunities for you to connect with the DRMA community at DRMA Happy Hours, casual and fun events where you’ll get to know other members.  We’ll introduce you around, so don’t be shy!

· February 28 at The Greentree Group/Back to Business IT in Beavercreek, register here.

· March 21 at Waibel Energy Systems in Vandalia, register here.

Hey, thanks for choosing to be a member!  I REALLY appreciate it!


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