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I'VE BEEN THINKING . . . 7/11/19

Posted By Angelia Erbaugh, DRMA, Thursday, July 11, 2019

Members expect advocacy from a trade association and it’s part of DRMA’s brand promise. DRMA advocates for members’ issues on many fronts, with public officials, legislators, educators, parents, the business community, the media, and many other regional stakeholders. One way we do this is by holding a Meet and Greet with Congressman Warren Davidson so that members have the opportunity to meet the Congressman, share their opinions, and learn more about his agenda. Join fellow DRMA members and members of the Associated Builders and Contractors on August 15 at the Dayton Beer Company. Click here to register.

A couple of Breakfast with DRMA events that you don’t want to miss:

  • Breakfast with DRMA: Accessing the Workforce Supply Chain, August 27. Attend this event to learn all the stages of the manufacturing workforce supply chain in the Dayton Region and to learn how to leverage the supply chain for your company. Register here.

  • Breakfast with DRMA, presented by The Entrepreneur’s Center, August 9. Attend this event to be first in line to become a preferred service provider for clients that have been accepted into TEC’s Entrepreneurial Services Program! Manufacturers only. Register here. Stay posted for the next session for supplier members.

25 Manufacturer and Affiliate members submitted ballots approving new board member Lou Vilardo, president and owner of PDI Communications. We thank those members who voted and encourage those who did not to participate in future elections.

Paying people fairly is good for business, you know that. But how do you find out the prevailing rate for your positions here in the Dayton Region? You use the DRMA/Manpower Wage and Benefit Survey results. And if you participate, you get those results for FREE. Why? It’s an incentive for you to participate . . . it takes a bit of your time to complete it, and we need a bunch of members to participate to make the results statistically reliable. You’ll get an email in August with the link to the survey.

Do you know that by selecting DRMA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Program, you will save money while supporting DRMA and strengthening manufacturing throughout the region? Your company is required to provide workers’ compensation coverage AND pay dues to the organization that sponsors the workers’ comp group in which you are enrolled. So, why not do both by selecting DRMA’s group? Save money and meet requirements while strengthening your company and the DRMA. It’s win-win. Contact Julia Bowling with CareWorks Comp at (513) 218-4062 to enroll today.

Make it easier on yourself to find skilled workers in a couple of years. If your facility shows well, host an open house on MFG Day 2019 on October 4 to show students, educators, and parents the great occupations and careers your company offers. Interested? Let me know.

You know it’s tough to find qualified employees. And you know that it’s critically important to keep the good ones you find. We have a program that can help you retain your younger employees! DRMA’s Young Professional Committee has worked with the University of Dayton’s Center for Leadership to offer Professional Development Workshops. The next two courses in this series are Wednesday, August 28, and Tuesday, September 10. Your registration cost includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and course materials. Space is limited, so register here ASAP to reserve your space.

DRMA, in partnership with the Workforce Division of Sinclair and FASTLANE, has put together a Lean Manufacturing Workshop Series to help you reduce waste and streamline manufacturing processes. The third of four sessions, Visual Workplace, will be presented on Wednesday, August 7, at the Sinclair Conference Center. The cost of the workshops is $250 per person. Manufacturer members earn a $100 per person discount (compliments of FASTLANE), making your cost just $150 per person per session. The cost includes a free, on-site lean assessment provided by FASTLANE (for Manufacturer members). Click here to register.

Members cite networking/connecting with members as the #1 benefit of membership. So, be sure to take advantage of connecting and engaging with the vibrant and thriving DRMA community. You have great ideas to share and we hope you’ll consider spending some time connecting with your industry peers and sharing your expertise with your industry. Build a network of people who face the same challenges and opportunities as you do every day. Click here to learn more.

DRMA is always looking for new avenues to help our members. We work with local media to run stories about manufacturing and the good that our members are doing for the industry. If you have positive news to share, whether it is a planned expansion, new job creation, or you’re adding new equipment, let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the right media. This can help your company experience increased credibility and exposure to your potential employees! Contact Kristen and she’ll make the right connections for you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the summer golf outing on Monday. Thanks for participating and sponsoring . . . all proceeds go to the DRMA Foundation, which funds all our activities to grow the manufacturing workforce.

Thanks for choosing to be a member!

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