MSSC Master Training in Warren County

Submitted by Warren County Career Center

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Master Training Center at Warren County Career Center in Lebanon, Ohio, is building enrollment in Certified Production Technician Plus Instructor training to meet demand.

Instructors with CPT+ certification are needed in area technical schools and colleges as demand increases for skilled manufacturing workers. Instruction and testing for CPT+ is scheduled for two to three days. The training assessment takes place on Amatrol Skill Boss Smart Factory units, which are the required hands-on assessment tools for CPT+ certification. The four CPT Modules must be completed prior to doing the Hands-On Skills for the CPT+ Assessments. The four modules are: Safety, Quality Practices and Measurements, Manufacturing Processes and Maintenance Awareness. The MSSC Training is available for all of the Industrial Programs offered at WCCC.

The WCCC RAMTEC lab also trains and certifies many students each year for the workforce. In the past school year, 44 tests were provided for MSSC and SACA certification through the WCCC Authorized Regional Testing Center.

“We are proud to be a MSSC Master Training Center,” Coordinator Dave Guinn said. “We have the ability to certify area instructors in Certified Production Technician Plus, which results in a more skilled workforce in Ohio. Prior to our initial opening, instructors wishing to be certified had to take training in another state.”

WCCC has a strong team of five instructors who are certified in CPT+ and are ready to train and certify other instructors across the region, state and beyond.

"WCCC, as a MSSC Master Training Center, has knowledgeable and experienced instructors, and we are thrilled to provide the training other Ohio Technical Centers and colleges need for their instructors,” Adult Education Director Kim Gates said. “In turn, this educates, trains and builds our manufacturing workforce across Ohio and beyond!"

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