Spring Cleaning Sale! May 4 & 5

It's spring cleaning time here at DRMA, and we have a bunch of stuff for sale! All proceeds will benefit the DRMA Foundation, which funds all our workforce initiatives.

Items will be available to view/pick up on May 4 and 5 at our office in the Dayton Convention Center. Prices listed below are minimum suggested offer, but we'll certainly take more! Everything is first come, first served.

Location and Parking

Address is 22 E Fifth St, Dayton, OH 45402. Our office is on the first floor of the Dayton Convention Center, next to the Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Members may park in the circle area in front of the Convention Center.

Items for Sale

Columns with slips (19) orange, blue, lime green, white slips -- $25 for all

Artificial tree – 4 ft. -- $10

Printer -- $10

Contact Shay if you need photos of the following:

Artificial trees (2) – 8 ft. -- $15 each

Extension cords (brown) -- $1.00 each

Glassware with candle and gems (3) -- $5.00 (All)

String Lights (19) (white) -- $1.00 each

Ikea Floor Lamps (black) (11) -- $3.00 each

Literature holders (10) -- $2.00 each

Business Card Holders (clear plastic) (17) -- $.50 each

Sign holders (clear plastic) (9) -- $.50 each

Badge Holders (clear) (approx. 900) -- $10 for all

5x7 shiny gold frames (11) -- $.50 each

5x7 matte gold frames (5) -- $.50 each

5x7 Frames (50) – black -- $1.00 each

Gold picture easels (4) -- $.50 each

4x6 brown frames (5) -- $.50 each

8 x 14 gold frame (1) ==$1.00

White mailing boxes (small) – (approx. 100) $5.00 for all

Patriotic Decorations – $5.00 for all

Cellophane for gift baskets -- $1.00

Fatigue Mats (32) -- $25 for all

This office furniture may be available in the future. Please email Angelia if interested.


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