Take Advantage of DRMA’s Workers’ Compensation Savings Now Before It’s Too Late!

You need Workers’ Compensation coverage, and DRMA is here to help. However, time is running out to enroll in our 2023 Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program. Our program members save an average of $4392 on their yearly premiums. That’s a pretty hefty savings, so you definitely don’t want to let this offer pass you by.

The enrollment deadline for our group program is November 14. DRMA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program offers you savings and peace of mind. Act now! Contact Paul Feck with Sedgwick at (614) 906-0535 today!

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Submitted by: Sedgwick As most employers know, the financial and emotional impact of a work-related employee injury can be significant. While the primary goal is to ensure the injured worker receives