Three Reasons You Should Choose DRMA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Program

Three reasons you should choose DRMA’s workers’ compensation group program.

1) Save money. 2) Meet requirements. 3) Strengthen your company and your region.

Do you know that companies enrolled in our Workers’ Compensation Program save an average of $4,392 on their yearly premiums? That’s a nice chunk of change. And not only do our members save large amounts of cash, they have peace of mind that DRMA – the voice for the region’s manufacturing industry – is on their side, helping them meet their Workers’ Compensation requirements.

DRMA promotes business success for members through peer-to-peer connectivity, career awareness, advocacy, education, economic development, and sharing best practices. By selecting DRMA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Program, you will save money while supporting DRMA and strengthening manufacturing throughout the region.

Why wait? Contact Paul Workers Comp Group with Sedgwick at (614) to complete your enrollment today.

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