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Tools and equipment for sale

A retired toolmaker from RMT has tools and equipment for sale. Below is a list of what he has available.

Kennedy 5-drawer roll around

Kennedy 8-drawer (Model 527-7475)

Kennedy 2-drawer base

Kennedy 2-drawer base MC-25

Mitutoyo 6” dial height gage

Brown & Sharp 12” dial height gage

Micrometers: 0-1” 1-2" 2-3” 3-4”

Mitutoyo 0-6” depth Micrometer

12” dial calipers

6” digital calipers

4 piece ground squares

2 ratchet style mill quill handles

Mill Collett stops

Mill table part stops (3)

Lathe Colllett (extension stops) (2)

Mill Indicols (2)

Parallels (Vice) 1/8 and thin

Complete set of gauge blocks

3” x 5” x 3 1/2” angle plate

1, 2, 3 Blocks (8)

V Blocks (5)

Large (1), Small (1) grinding vises

Set of transfer punches

T-Handle Allen Wrench Set

Precision Planer Gauge

Stud and Clamp Set

200+ carbide and high speed end mills

3 Mitutoyo .0005 indicators

1 Interapid .0005 indicator

1 Besttest .0005 indicator

Hardware for all indicators for mills and lathes

3 Workplace floor mats

Pictures and prices available upon request. Contact Kayla for more information.


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