$75,000 for Trade-Impacted Ohio Manufacturers

Submitted by Carey Schoenig, GLTAAC

Manufacturers that are adversely affected by import competition may qualify for Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) -- a federal program specifically designed to help smaller firms recover and grow. For Ohio manufacturers, the program is managed by the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC).

GLTAAC clients use their TAAF matching funds to get critical business improvements done. For example:

  • Recruiting: TAAF funding helped a Dayton area manufacturer successfully locate and hire a Director of Sales and Marketing. The GLTAAC client chose a recruiting firm that best fit their needs, with TAAF paying half of the $20K cost.

Clients also use their TAAF funding for projects such as marketing, new product development, systems upgrades and training. The goal of each effort is to increase the firm’s global competitiveness.

If import competition has hurt your sales, don’t put off learning more about GLTAAC. Just contact GLTAAC Project Manager, Scott Phillips at shphill@umich.edu or 734.787.7509. Scott can quickly review the TAAF program with you and help you determine if your firm would qualify.

To learn more about the GLTAAC process, visit the GLTAAC website.