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Get Funding for Projects to Help Beat Import Competition

The federal Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program continues to help manufacturers in the Dayton region improve their competitiveness.

TAAF helps smaller manufacturers that are losing sales to imports. For Ohio companies, the program is managed by the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC).

The TAAF program helps qualified manufacturers invest in themselves by providing up to $75,000 in matching funds for key business improvement projects, and includes assessment and planning assistance to maximize project impact.

TAAF assists clients in projects to help both the top and bottom lines. Here are some examples of projects TAAF has co-funded for GLTAAC’s clients in the Dayton region:

  • Realizing that their sales process was holding them back, this GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds to assess and re-vamp their sales procedures. Working with a consultant of their choice, this gas industry supplier first undertook a process analysis. This was followed by a project to improve their CRM system usage, which included new workflows and reports, as well as ongoing training. Combined, these projects cost $23K, with TAAF funds paying 50%.

  • A custom manufacturer will soon graduate from the TAAF program after completing a CAD system migration project to better support their complex design environment. The project also included a review of ERP systems best suited to their needs, and got them started on the path to ISO 9000 certification (value $17K). The TAAF program also helped them tackle succession planning and a company-wide office software upgrade.

If import competition has hurt your sales, don’t put off learning more about GLTAAC. Just contact GLTAAC Project Manager, Scott Phillips at or 734.787.7509. Scott can quickly review the TAAF program with you and help you determine if your firm would qualify.


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