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GRC July Update

Submitted by April Vanover, FASTLANE

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) is actively discussing how to build upon the initial relationships we have gained with Meet Ups and DRMA Shop Talks, post-COVID. In the this conversation, the dialogue led to strategies on what are the next steps of building and keeping the strong relationships with legislative leaders. The initial exchange has now started the process of research and looking at creating a sub committee to create the Win-Win Relationships for the DRMA members.

The Coalition for Prosperous America (CPA) and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), have been diligently focusing on Reshoring Manufacturing of America. NAM supplied a detailed recommendations that the White House, Treasury Department, Commerce Department, U.S. Trade Representative and key leaders in the House and Senate, to inform the policymaker’s, to invest in US manufacturing. They emphasized several areas, including: tax credits, workforce upskilling, policies to support innovation and new tax laws. For more detailed information, please click here.

CPA also is equally involved with reshoring of manufacturing, but have placed their efforts on Reshoring Manufacturing of America in pharmaceutical manufacturing. To learn more about this, please click here.

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Government Relations Committee update

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