OSHA September Training classes

Safety Professional Certificate Program- Save 20% on all program classes- On-Going for all of 2020

9/08-9/11/2020- OSHA 2015: Hazardous Materials

8am-5pm Springboro, OH

9/11/2020- OSHA 7120: Introduction to Combustible Dust Hazards

8am-5pm Springboro, OH

9/14/2020- OSHA 7845: Recordkeeping Rule Seminar

8am-2pm Springboro, OH

9/22-25/2020- OSHA 511: Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry

8am-5pm Columbus, OH

9/22-25/2020- OSHA 3095: Electrical Standards

8am-5pm Springboro, OH

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